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LINC Success Stories

Moving into a new area comes with challenges and obstacles. Whether our clients are facing dual career issues or trying to navigate a new community, LINC Coordinators provide personalized, tailored assistance  to help individuals network and connect so that they more quickly find a job or integrate into a new neighborhood.  

Personalized service! Jason received dual career support and professional networking to get a job!

"The LINC team provided a far more in-depth and personalized service than I had expected. It extended past just career goals and included general interests to really find a way for me to get connected to the Lehigh Valley. Working with LINC has been a tremendous benefit to starting my career in the Lehigh Valley. After the initial consultation, I was introduced to many different networking, business, and leisure opportunities in the area which really helped me acclimatize to my new home." - Jason

The power of networking! Through LINC's strategic informational interviews, Marija was able to gain multiple adjunct teaching positions!

"Since our last conversation and getting in touch with Vincent Munley I really started receiving responses from universities. I was in touch with them before on my own through e-mail, but I strongly believe having a person that they know talk about me generated interest on a different level. As you mentioned over and over before, the connections make all the difference. Now I have part-time adjunct teaching jobs lined up through Spring 2016. After making the connections and getting the foot in the door I am sure more things are coming my way. So I am very appreciative of your help getting in touch with Vincent and others. My upcoming jobs are a testament of the power of connections and the great job you do! Thank you!" - Marija

Collaboration and connections! Nicole was able to find her dream job!

"LINC and DCConnect were very receptive to my unique career goals and tenacious in reaching out to potential employers, colleagues, and friends to get connections for me. In the passionate and integrated community that is the Lehigh Valley, my hard work and the efforts of Deb Rubart and Donna Cornelius quickly paid off."  - Nicole (Part of the pilot program in conjunction with Lehigh University's dual career program DCConnect)

"It is of my opinion that all relocation packages should come with LINC. " Thank you Dani!

"Moving across the country was an exciting, yet intimidating adventure for us. When we arrived, we had to Google a grocery store to find the nearest one! We had managed to get by with our limited resources, browsing the web and asking around for information about the area, but then my husband’s company offered us LINC.

Megan Beste is the BEST at what she does. She asked us questions about our lifestyle we hadn’t even approached, listened to our stories of trials and tribulations, and then presented us with a plethora of well thought out and detailed information about places to go, things to see, and events she thought we’d love. She followed up regularly with genuine concern about our well-being and how we were adjusting to the area and continued to extend invitation after invitation to things happening in the community.

More importantly, when she found out we were having a child, we had lunch and just chatted about the funniest and scariest parts of becoming a mother. I felt that this was easily a step beyond the call of duty for her and that conversation was something I personally needed in such a mysterious time. She then followed up with a ton of information about “momming” that I’ll use for the next 18 years! 

It is of my opinion that all relocation packages should come with LINC. Thank you so much for everything!" - Dani

"LINC and its ambassadors have made a real difference in making my move as easy as possible."

"Relocating is always a challenge; establishing new connections can be time consuming and difficult. LINC and its ambassadors have made a real difference in making my move as easy as possible. Receiving this helpful connection with real people from the very beginning of my move has helped me tremendously. My questions and concerns were met with kindness and professional concern. Knowing that I could ask my ambassador anything was reassuring." - Valerie

"Having things situated before we got here made this feel like home faster."

"LINC did more than I expected. The regular check-ins were helpful, and everyone was so approachable I didn't have to think twice. Having things situated before we got here made this feel like home faster." - Toral

"LINC helped me figure out what type of work is best for me."

"All parts of process deadlines were very helpful. LINC helped me figure out what type of work is best for me. The resume edits were very helpful - I believe that is why I got a call for the job. Services like this are very, very useful. I absolutely recommend this service." - Margaret


Employer Testimonials

"Service was long overdue… but so worth the wait!" Big thank you, Pat!

"The professional services offered by LINC are a tremendous asset to the recruitment and retention of Lehigh University employees.  With some recent high-level administrative searches in play at Lehigh, LINC provided dual career and community transition support, which were greatly appreciated by our new hires and their spouses and partners.

The LINC organization is grounded with professional and pleasant staff, who know the Lehigh Valley area well and understand the nuances, challenges and needs of incoming residents.  This service is long overdue in the Valley, but so worth the wait.  Thank you to Donna Cornelius, Executive Director and her professional staff for their exceptional support." - Pat Mann, Director of Administration, Lehigh University Office of the Provost