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Pre-Hire Consultation

Pre-Hire Consulting A Proactive Approach

What is it?

Pre-hire consult meetings help address critical decision factors during the recruitment phase. A Personal Coordinator confidentially and thoroughly helps identify and address the candidate’s questions, concerns, and needs relative to family, lifestyle, and career that may come with a relocation or reassignment. LINC provides a unique intentional and hands-on approach that empowers potential candidates to make the best decision for their career and family. 

A pre-hire consult allows the candidate to explore options by providing an additional perspective and resources to help a candidate make a decision about the community. It also often serves as a pre-cursor to the full candidate services available.

There are three levels of pre-hire consults:

What can partnering organizations expect?

Tier 1

Provides a potential new hire candidate with an introduction to the Lehigh Valley through a one-on-one conversation with one or more of our Coordinators. The candidate will also receive a USB card with information identifying  basic needs when transitioning, including descriptions of communities, health care facilities, schools and rankings, as well as activities available in the Valley and surrounding area.

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Tier 2

Provides a more customized approach through a basic questionnaire  and one-on-one conversation with a Personal Coordinator to identify personal concerns and interests. This is still at a high level; the potential hire/transfer will receive information about what is available in the Valley to address some of their specific needs. Issues may include children’s resources, medical conditions, elder care challenges, and other private concerns where specific resources may be required.  

This consult may also serve as a brainstorming session to help weigh pros and cons. Due to the confidential nature of the consult, we are able to dispel any misinformation as well as ensure that there will be help with transitioning if the offer is accepted.  We also provide connections to applicable affinity groups.

Time Commitment: 3 hours (Does not include any travel costs.)

Tier 3

Provides new hire candidates who may be vacillating about accepting a position with an in-depth, personal look at the area and what is available here. Includes a full day of touring areas of interest; lunch or dinner at a local restaurant; detailed customized conversation with a Personal Coordinator based on our intake form.

This session may also serve as a brainstorming session to help weigh pros and cons. Because the conversations are confidential, LINC may be able to mitigate any misinformation and reassure a candidate that there will be help with transitioning if the offer is accepted. (Ambassador Program is available upon request.) 

Time Commitment: 1 day (Does not include travel costs.)

Who is eligible?

Any recruit or pre-hire candidate, from an early career professional to a senior level or C-suite executive.