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How It Works

The foundation of LINC is collaboration.  Whether we are collaborating with the employer, the new hire, community resource partners or sponsors, the Lehigh Valley is making a concerted effort to cross industries, cross borders and work together celebrating the fact that the Lehigh Valley is a great place to work, live and play! 

A LINC Coordinator will work directly with the Members’ and Partners’ recruits, new hires, and relocated employees to identify their specific needs. The Coordinator will then develop a customized plan to create professional and personal networks and connections for new hires and relocated employees. LINC will work with a referred client for one year on-going networking services. The programs are designed to build meaningful and influential ties in the Valley by providing engagement opportunities helping them to become rooted in their communities.

Once Membership is established, there is a collaborative effort between the employer and LINC to position the relocating employees, leverage relationships and maximize success.


An employer takes an active role as a partner of LINC.  LINC staff works diligently to become an extension of your recruiting and hiring process. The services become an integral part of your onboarding through a joint effort of your recruiters, search committees or human resources team. In order to best facilitate and support your current efforts, we engage all stakeholders as part of our presentation. This includes executives, high level managers and those recruiting and hiring. Although not all of your organization stays engaged, the understanding from the top down allows the service to become a part of the process.



Once your liaison refers a hire into the LINC system via our Web portal, that person and/or their family becomes a LINC Client, but the teamwork continues. 


LINC has designed a method of support for the new hire and the Member/Partner. Through on-going updates and reports, the LINC team works with employers to measure success. A robust database allows us to track engagement, garner feedback and build a dual career infrastructure with our Members/Partners to improve the engagement of professional and social connections. 

It is through this collaborative network that allows employers to maximize engagement on a personal and professional level.

So how do you become part of this collaboration? Contact us today!