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Cultural Transition

Cultural Transition Support: Easing the Intercultural Experience

What is it?

Companies that recruit and hire international assignees must structure an on-boarding process that supports multicultural integration in order to maintain a competitive edge and retain those vauable team members.  

What can partnering organizations expect?

Some companies struggle to retaining qualified diverse talent in the long run. Expatriates, multi-cultural and generational new or relocated hires require individualized support to help integrate individuals and their families  as they enter into a new cultural community.  

Through cultural transition services, LINC members receive:

  • Confidential resource for questions and answers focused on acclimating new-hires to U.S. culture, customs and traditions.
  • Tools and resources for recruiting departments and new-hires to assist with everyday challenges such as language barriers, driving, healthcare and locating cultural resources. 

LINC also aids in the recruitment of diverse talent through its dual career support services. By partnering with LINC, corporate recruiting can implement a fresh approach to employ a more diverse staffing environment.