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Community Transition

Community Transition: Make Yourself At Home

What is it?

When a new hire and his/her family is involved and established in their community then they are more likely to stay. The new hire may be established in his/her job, but if an accompanying partner and other family members are not feeling at home - there are risks. LINC may be able to mitigate those risks by providing personalized resources and opportunities unique to their needs that connect individuals and families to their new community.

Through LINC, each new hire and their family will be connected with a personal coordinator for one year. Through a personal assessment and needs analysis, we discover what people are passionate about and then connect them to those resources or opportunities. We help them see beyond the challenges of relocating by getting them connected in their community, establish both social and professional networks and provide ongoing resources for a smooth transition into the Lehigh Valley. 

What can partnering organizations expect?

Prospective candidates, new hires and relocated employees expect a fluid professional transition with the support of their employers. However, most employers do not have the resources or bandwidth within their onboarding and HR staff to transition those new hires and their families to help create a balanced life in their new community. We serve as your missing LINC, introducing individuals and families with the right connections helping them to conceptualize the Lehigh Valley as their forever home.

Area employers are learning more and more that in order to retain top-talent, recruiters must deliver a holistic onboarding approach. When a new hire and his or her family receive the necessary tools for a healthy balance in work and life, a company‚Äôs productivity, retention and overall reputation improves.