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Lets face it, a move is not only challenging; it’s life changing. A family must pick up, pack up and ship out to a not so familiar home. A new job, especially one that involves relocating, can result in hundreds of important decisions—many of which come with a deadline and involve the entire family.

From choosing the right neighborhood, to identifying local resources, it helps to have a little bit of local direction during a critical time, which is why LINC serves as a personal reference guide for your next best move.

Maintain balance in work and life through the LINC’d connection. Access untapped resources to ease stress throughout the entire transition process. As a participant of LINC, families will benefit from a network of respected professionals, companies, residential advice and services, help with social and cultural integration and unmatched relocation support.

LINC provides an all-inclusive relocation package, which include the following services:

  • Pre-hire consultation for prospective job candidates, answering important lifestyle questions and addressing specific concerns about everything from weather to culture to cost of living
  • Partner career support through attentive job-search help for accompanying partners
  • Community transition assistance to meet the needs of new hires as well as their families as they make the Lehigh Valley home

Learn why, how, what and where individual LINC services can help from the recruiting through the transitional phase for individuals and their families that are considering relocation to the Lehigh Valley region.