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The New Eastonian in Town

Moving from Mississippi, I wanted to find a place to live with good energy that allowed me to walk to restaurants, bars, and shops. I found that exact combination in Easton, PA!

Landing in downtown Easton, I quickly became engrained in the community and came to feel very at home walking around to the many shops, restaurants, breweries, and bars. Each has its own special niche and feel that allows for a never-ending variety! By simply exploring my new city during the summer Farmer’s Market, I began to make Easton my home.

The layout of the city allows for easy walkability between most of the venues, allowing me to get to many places very easily. This has worked in my favor as during one of my first weekends here, I walked into an antique shop where I met the owner. She quickly introduced me to her business partner, the neighboring salon owners and the neighbors across the street. Before I knew it, I had been adopted into a wonderful (and fun) friend group! It just goes to show that you never know how you can make some of the best and closest friends.

Quickly getting plugged in with the Easton Chamber of Commerce allowed me to meet other professionals around town and to continue to gain an appreciation for the recent growth of Easton. It connected the dots as to why new restaurants, apartments, and shops continue to make their way into the growing downtown.

There are many events in Easton that offer a great community feel and are so welcoming in every way. Some of my favorite events so far have been Heritage Day, Pearly Baker’s 24th Annual Chili Cook-Off, and my absolute favorite, Bacon Fest!

Ultimately, the willingness to say “yes” to new and potentially unknown opportunities and events can truly pave the way for an easy integration into a new area. Between events with LINC, The Chamber of Commerce, Young Professionals Council, and work and community events, there are many chances to get involved and make a new place home.

— Andrew Brown