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Sue’s Search Support Snippet #1: Managing Change

I've been working with many of you, the accompanying partner, for the past few months helping to get a leg-up on all aspects of preparing for your job search in the Lehigh Valley. That support has mainly focused on resume and cover letter review, LinkedIn support, preparing for an interview and, of course, networking, networking, networking. This prep work has included LINC sharing many tools and support that will help you be successful in landing a position in your field as quickly as possible.
So, I had an IDEA!  

Beginning with our August newsletter, let's start sharing all the important things we have been learning and exchanging throughout this process that may continue to help all of you and all future clients who will be experiencing the same challenges. Let’s change those challenges into opportunities. 

SNIPPET #1:  Managing Change

New beginnings are exciting and frightening all at once. Most people, in a rush to get things done, end up beginning in the middle of the job search process. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and start with the basics. The chart below will help you stay on task:


Hope this will help you organize the process!

— Sue McDermott, LINC Partner Career Support Coordinator