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Spring Know to Grow

Wow! It is almost Spring!  Woohoo! I have been here for almost 19 years and I am still not a fan of old man winter!  For all you new folks, our winters are not always like this. But let’s keep our eyes on what lies ahead! Spring is a beautiful time in the Lehigh Valley! The blooming flowers and budding trees! It is an amazing display of natural art and beauty!

(Just one thing – if you have allergies grab your tissues. If you don’t have allergies and are new to the Valley, it might not be a cold – just saying.)


Along with all things new is another year for LINC to be in service. It is hard to believe we are going into our fourth year as an organization! This means we get to do some assessing! And YOU get to give us the grade! We need to hear from YOU! 

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that you were sent last month. Don’t remember if you got it? Then please click on the appropriate link below. There may be a Starbuck’s gift card in it if you give us written feedback and/or testimonial in the last text box. We need your honesty to know how to improve for the next person! If we did a great job or have areas of improvement, let us know! I promise you won’t hurt our feelings. We just want to provide the best service possible!

Unsure what link to click, then give us a call.

The staff here at LINC is constantly looking for new opportunities and ways to help you make the Lehigh Valley home! Be sure to look for some great events coming up! We are joining with Discover Lehigh Valley to bring you several opportunities to learn more, engage more and Get LINC’d!

— Donna Cornelius