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PBS39 is the Greater Lehigh Valley’s public media station, serving more than ten counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Our vision is to create a community that is inspired, engaged and vibrant.  We focus on and celebrate the diversity of the region and work within our community to spread the message of inclusion.  PBS39 is also involved in a number of collective impact initiatives, whereby several organizations join forces to affect large scale social change.
Our nightly newscast, PBS39 News Tonight, includes 11 different reporters from a variety of backgrounds.  Nine of the reporters are women, all of whom are making significant strides in the industry as multimedia journalists. They write the stories, shoot the video footage, work on-camera, and edit the pieces that appear on the show each weeknight.  Since September 2018, this ‘Reporter Corps’ has brought our audience in-depth, solution-based, accountability and process journalism.

The journalists are embedded in the counties they serve, and have an opportunity to get to know their communities and gain a deeper understanding of the issues on which they are reporting and the impact they have on the local population.  Learn more about the Reporter Corps and the distinct personalities and diverse backgrounds of each journalist at, and watch weeknights at 6:30 and 11:00.

To extend our reach even deeper into the local community, PBS39 has created a weekly, Spanish language talk show called ‘Es Tiempo’, which is devoted to the Latino community in the Greater Lehigh Valley. The program highlights activists, educators, entertainers and leaders from across the Valley. It is hosted by Genesis Ortega and Victor Martinez, who work to celebrate diversity in every episode.  Learn more at

PBS39 also has a number of educational initiatives in the community, including Arte en Español. In partnership with the Allentown Art Museum, community members can attend this story time done entirely in Spanish.  In addition, we have partnered with the United Way on a project called Lehigh Valley Reads, which is a soon-to-be-launched collective impact initiative with a goal of having all children reading at grade level by grade 3.

Visit to learn more about PBS39’s initiatives, programming and events, or contact us at 610-867-4677.

— Nicole Harrell, PBS39