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Krishan and Manasa Thakker

We moved to the scenic Lehigh Valley area almost a year ago. At first, we were slightly nervous moving to a suburban part of a new state, having previously resided in only major metropolitan areas including London, Boston, New York, and DC. Fortunately, we quickly and smoothly transitioned into our chosen residential hub, historic downtown Bethlehem, without a problem.

Though significantly smaller in size and population and culturally less cosmopolitan than previous cities we’ve lived in, we have grown very fond of the town we now call home. We have been accepted by warm, hospitable, and very sociable residents and have participated in Bethlehem’s vast array of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, social activities and events including Musikfest, Celtic Fest, and Oktoberfest. This past holiday season, we enjoyed the all-encompassing spirit of the Christmas City and all it has to offer.

We are often very surprised at the drastic changes happening in our community, including major investment into the start-up and tech scene, all of which seem to be bringing in fresh new talent and diverse perspectives to the area. 

Beyond historic Bethlehem, we frequently take advantage of the diversity of farmer’s markets in the area, local breweries, wineries, and the close proximity to major hikes and treks in the Lehigh Valley and near the Poconos Mountains. 

Many thanks to LINC, its staff, and the local community they put us in touch with, for helping us settle in and feel at home.

With best wishes,

— Krishan and Manasa Thakker