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Happy New Year!

How exciting it is to be able to reflect on the previous year and begin anew!

2018 – A Reflection

  • We had many new people join our Lehigh Valley community in 2018. I am proud to say we have helped over 330 new people to the Valley over the course of our short existence, including 102 just this year.
  • We added new services to be able to help more levels of hires as they accept new jobs in the Valley.
  • We had a new infusion of Ambassador-client relationships. (If you do not have an ambassador and would like to know more, give us a call.)
  • We had new staff members join us. (By the way, I think we have a great LINC team.)
  • We sadly said good-bye to one team member.

Although it is good to review the previous year and its many successes and changes, January is like a big reset button for me and the LINC team to set a new vision and goals for 2019.

New LINC Staff
I would like to introduce Melanie Sanchez-Jones who is our new Partner Career Client Manager. She brings many years of experience in coaching and recruiting and will be a great asset to LINC. Keep an eye out for her biography in our next newsletter. 

Ambassador Program Growth
LINC is also growing its Ambassador program. Our council is ready to serve and will be helping us better understand our clients’ needs for social and professional networks and connections. They will also be working to plan get-togethers and events and create connections to the many wonderful groups, networks and community opportunities that happen here in the Valley.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
I’m so excited that we have officially launched this program. As we gather employers and community partners around the table, we will be looking to help lead the way and impact the region both in the workforce and in the community.


My background is in marketing and I love psychology and consumer behavior. To help improve LINC’s services, we will be sending out a short survey. This survey will help us understand how we did and what we can do better. As a three and a half (3 ½) year old organization, we are still testing the waters on what works best for both employers and clients. So, when you receive our email with the survey, PLEASE take a few minutes to complete it. I will greatly appreciate it!


As you step into this new year, please share what your goals, dreams and visions are for 2019 on our Facebook page. One of the best ways to be successful is to join a community. Research shows that people that are engaged in a community are 80% more likely to succeed in their goals and resolutions. Reach out and get involved! If you need help finding your community, remember LINC is here to help.

— Donna Cornelius, LINC Executive Director