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Explore More! Discover South Mountain Preserve!

Did you know that Emmaus, PA boasts Wildlands Conservancy’s 350+-acre South Mountain Preserve? This local, natural destination offers nine miles of easy-to-challenging trails, including an ADA loop for wheelchair users. 

Trails are accessible for hikers, responsible pet owners, trail runners, birdwatchers, mountain bikers, bicyclists and other passive recreation. Single use biking trails are maintained throughout, making the preserve one of the best mountain biking points in the Lehigh Valley. Grounds are open day to dusk.

Ready to explore? Click here to learn how to get there, how to prepare for your visit, and the world of plants and wildlife that you will see! You can also opt to download Wildlands Conservancy’s free mobile preserve app that features a South Mountain Preserve trail map and engages you in educational points of interest! For iPhone | For Android

— Megan Sciarrino