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I am a huge fan of Andy Andrews. He is an author and motivational speaker and also a “noticer”. I have read many of his books including The Noticer. It is a great story of seeing things others miss and finding wisdom and perspective from people and situations.  
I cannot say I am necessarily a “noticer”, but I am a connector. Both in my job and in my personal life I encounter opportunities, or should I say sometimes opportunities find me, to connect people based on their circumstances. It really is amazing to be able to help people on so many different levels. From complicated to simple – I connect.   
The more fun connections come through LINC’s events/meet-ups. Most recently, last night as a matter of fact, we had our 3rd Annual Get to Know the Lehigh Valley Trivia Night. We had 35+ young professionals show up who are new to the area. People from every background and race, various professions from industry, health network and higher education got to connect with one another.   

One of the biggest challenges in moving to a new area is meeting other people. It is part of our mission to connect people. It is even part of our name – Lehigh Valley Inter-Regional Networking and Connecting Consortium. Even if it is a little out of your comfort zone just remember nearly everyone else is new or has been new to the area! You are in good company! 
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If you want to Get LINC’d, then be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you at the next meet-up! 


— Donna Cornelius, Executive Director