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Client Corner: Jill Zimmermann

September marks eight (8) months since the Zimmermanns moved to the Lehigh Valley. 

For those of you who have been here for less time than that...please know that time will fly. For those of you who have been here longer than us, I'm sure you understand how that is so hard to believe! 

The newness of the move still makes us feel like we are on a vacation of sorts, with most of our experiences still feeling like new ones. But it does feel less like we are on a vacation (where we brought our furniture with us). Having been here eight months allows us to feel like we actually do belong here when we walk in the door to our new home. I can't tell you when that moment happened, but I can tell you it does happen.

While we can't profess we are experts on literally anything in the Valley, we can share a few things we as newbies have found to be fun and fulfilling. The first thing is, as a newbie, you will NOT think it's far to drive from Allentown to Easton. Take advantage of that, as I find I am already starting to sometimes think “Hmm…all the way over there". Nevertheless, the local farmer's markets are well worth trotting across the ends of the Lehigh Valley to enjoy. Our favorites are the Vietnamese booth at the Allentown Farmers Market, Mr. Lee's Noodles at the Easton Public Market and the mushroom guy at the Emmaus Sunday Market.  Each market has its own schedule so do check before you decide to act on a craving for Mr. Lee's noodles and score a great parking place, only to find out you were thinking of the Allentown Farmers Market schedule and not the Easton Public Market schedule. 

Being new to the area also means our schedule is freer than it has been for many years, and that has been a nice bonus of our big move from the Midwest to the east coast. We try to say "yes" to everything that comes our way and we really are starting to feel at home in the Valley. We follow the local food trucks and the performances at both DeSales University and Muhlenberg College. We rarely miss Burger and Brew night at Union and Finch and can walk to brunch at Cafe Frais any Sunday morning for whatever delights the chef has thrown together that day. I can't say we feel routine yet, but the new discoveries have been really fun.

Eight months in and I can find my way through the grocery store finally, have met and made a few new wonderful friends, but truth be told, GPS will be your best friend for a little while, and that's ok because it does lead you to many new things. I laugh at some of the nearby places that I used GPS for in the beginning. I would literally use it to know which way to turn out of my driveway! But lead me it did, and here I am, sounding just a little bit less like a newbie.

Welcome to the Valley!

Adventure awaits you!

— Jill Zimmermann, LINC client