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CHANGE is in the air! And our recent crazed weather patterns are just a slight indication of what is coming! Hot one day and cool the next. Should I put my summer clothes away and bring out the fall wardrobe? Do I need an extra blanket on the bed tonight?
It is hard to believe fall is almost officially here!  Am I ready to let go of the warm weather I am so fond of? Oh, but to look forward to slightly cooler temps so I can finally sit with family and friends in the evening around the fire pit in our backyard. Tastes of soup, chili, homemade bread and pies and don’t forget the fresh apple cider of the local farms! Mmmmm. Changing seasons is one of my favorite things about living in the North East, except  for winter – we can skip that!
You see, change is inevitable! It happens to each of us - some planned, some not, but it will happen. The key is to look at the opportunity and embrace the change. Moving to a new area like the Lehigh Valley, making a new life, making new friends, finding a community. It can be scary, but it also can be an adventure as Jill Zimmermann shares in the Client Corner. Be sure to read her article.
LINC changes too. You will see in this newsletter that there are a few new names and faces to our articles. LINC is not alone in its endeavor to make people feel welcome in the Valley. That is why we are changing. We want you to hear from new people, seasoned Lehigh Valley folks, and some in between! You see LINC is more than its staff – we are a community of people who want you to feel like this is home much like we do!
A BIG thank you to all who shared their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and things to do in the Valley!
P. S. With change comes a time change.  November 4th is the day the clocks fall back and we lose an hour of day light.

— Donna Cornelius