Get LINC'd



This month our clients were a bit busy so I thought I would jump in and send a message your way.

Trust me when I say I get moving to a new area.  I was always the accompanying partner as we moved many times. What determined the success of our moves was getting involved. Sure, there is the unknown of finding a place to live, finding the grocery stores and malls, figuring out doctors, dentists and oh by the way where is the closest emergency room for my accident-prone children. Those are all important, but for me what was critical was meeting other people. 

What happens is people -- you, me, we – expect our lives to be perfectly set up and then we can step in to a new life. However, you get set up, for the most part, and you look around and there is no one to engage with, no one to invite over, no group to get involved with. 

To me there is a balance. Yes, we need to figure out the details, but we also get to have a fantastic life in an amazing community meeting and engaging with wonderful people. When there is a combination of order and community then guess what – you have created a loving home in a community of people. 

And you know what?  LINC is here to help.  Our staff and Ambassador Council have worked very hard to create opportunities for engagement.

  • Monthly Adventure Destination Group – for those stay at home partners over 40 (mostly with no children) who want to connect with others.  The coolest part of this group other than the fact that they have great outings is that LINC clients have worked with our Ambassadors to create this amazing group!
  • Ladies Night Out – this is for all the ladies (I hear a song there.) Whether you are a stay at home Mom or a working Mom – we all need a little break. We meet in various areas of the Valley to keep it interesting.
  • Ambassador Client Meet-ups – this is a networking opportunity and a way to find your own Ambassador or meet other new people in the area. It is a way to connect, and is usually during a happy hour (come whether you drink or not). It is just an easy way to meet others in the area and learn about all the wonderful places to eat.
  • We also have the LINC Summer Picnic and Holiday Event. 

These are just a few. There are other networking opportunities like the Young Professionals Council (Chamber related) and other Chamber Councils as well as a new group in the area called the Lehigh Valley Wine Share Club. There are many ways to connect and network. If there is something you are looking to get involved with, please let us know. We are growing as an organization and have many great volunteers who are supportive and looking for new opportunities to help you create your own community.

If there is something you might be interested in doing but haven’t found a group. Let us know! Email us your ideas at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

— Donna Cornelius, Executive Director