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Birds of a Feather: Making the Most of LINC’s Career Transition Support System

An article in this month’s National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) magazine started with the following paragraph: 

“According to the naturalist Milton Olsen, birds fly in V-formation on their migrations because each bird flapping its wings creates an uplift for the bird behind it, and by flying in V-shape the whole flock gets over 70% better mileage than if each bird flew solo.” 

Written by Gregg Levoy, the article talks about the power of group support during career transition – and I believe it couldn’t speak more specifically to LINC’s mission. 

As a certified career coach with a recruiting and hiring background, I see many people who are navigating career transition in isolation, without the community support that is inherent in LINC’s model.

In my practice, I talk with clients about career transition being a blend of two important kinds of work. The inner work and the outer work.

The outer work is a combination of strategies and tactics that help you create a robust job search. Things like:

  • Refreshing your resume
  • Refining your value proposition to potential employers
  • Polishing your LinkedIn profile
  • Conducting informational interviews, and 
  • Executing a proactive search that goes beyond the job boards 

The inner work is the emotional stuff and the career self-awareness stuff – understanding your strengths, values, natural behavioral style, motivators, etc. The inner work is also the processing of the upheaval that a relocation can mean to a partner and family.

The inner work informs the outer work, so how can you use the power of the LINC community to support the inner part of your career transition?

  1. Choose to connect & participate in events – While it is not everyone’s default to connect and share, career transition in a vacuum is more difficult than with a solid support system. 
  2. Grieve – Maybe relocation means leaving a job you loved. A daily walk or talk with another person in LINC’s dual career program can provide an outlet for you to acknowledge the loss and process those feelings so that any resentment, fear, and uncertainty doesn’t invade your ability to tell your story in a positive way to potential employers. (Believe me, we can see it when it sneaks in.)
  3. Celebrate – On the other hand, relocation often offers an opportunity to course-correct, so ask other LINC members about their career history and you may find a shared passion or interest that will motivate you both on your individual paths.
  4. Refine - In either case, career transition is a time to identify the skills and strengths you want to carry with you to your next position and those you prefer to leave behind. Genuine conversations with others in career transition can bring clarity. 

Birds show us that power and purpose can be found in groups. Having Sue, LINC’s Partner Career Services Manager, is the beginning of your career support system. Getting better mileage together as part of the LINC community, and connecting with others in the same boat, can help make your job search more of a sprint than a marathon.

Barbara Berger is a certified career coach and career transition specialist in the Lehigh Valley who helps clients across the country to improve their overall sense of wellbeing through career wellness.
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | 484-862-9523 |

— Barbara Berger