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Community Partners

Influencing Your Next Best Move

A large part of relocating to a new area is having access to needed resources. Giving newcomers a strong foundation upon which to build a qualify life helps make the Lehigh Valley "home." 

LINC's Community Partners are another aspect of our network. These businesses and organizations help newcomers settle faster. We identify quality established resources that have a reputation of delivering quality goods and services - the companies that support our program are no different. We believe in the integrity of our recommendations and hold this as one of the most important and valuable services we offer. Our clients trust us as much as we trust our Community Partners.

Community Partners are organizations that recognize the value of the mission and the role of LINC in the Lehigh Valley. Through a collaborative role, Community Partners support LINC and have the opportunity to reach a unique and influential target audience.

Benefits include:

  • Direct marketing to unique, highly influential target audience
  • Branding and marketing opportunities
  • Event sponsorship opportunities

Call LINC at 484-719-0017 to learn more about how you can be a trusted Community Partner.

Community Partners

  • Discover Lehigh Valley
  • Eileen Budd Keller Williams Realty