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Partnership with LINC Working Together 

What does it mean for employers?

Members are companies and organizations who partner with the Lehigh Valley Inter-regional Networking & Connecting Consortium is an innovative and unique system that supports and maximizes an employer's efforts to recruit and retain the best and the brightest talent. This is done by creating a network that maximizes and leverages membership engagement.  

Services offered through models like LINC's show that utilizing services reduces non-job related stresses and positively effects productivity (International Journal of Business and Management). How does that happen?

  • Increases new employee productivity and retention
    • Increases the retention - statistics show a 93% retention of new hires
    • Accompaning spouses/partners gain employment 39% faster than the national average
  • Increases Diversity
    • Increasing a spouse's or partner's occupational and informational resources exerts a positive impact on the the spouse's/partner's upward career moves, supporting an advantage accumulation.
  • Reduces the Cost of Employee Turnover
  • Avoids Common Recruitment & Retention Risks

The benefits of engagement include:

  • Concierge Services for highly sought after candidates, new and relocated hires
  • Recruiting opportunities of a untapped talent entering the regional workforce
  • High brand visibility



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