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Membership: Your pocket guide to successful recruitment and retention

Members are professional-level hiring employers in the Lehigh Valley who seek a highly skilled and highly educated workforce. These forward-thinking employers recognize the value of aligning with LINC to advance their recruiting and retention efforts, as well as pooling resources with other Members and Partners within the consortium. There are two levels of membership:

Full - $900 per annum

Associate - $500 per annum

The roles of membership will vary depending on involvement.

Full Members will utilize LINC for both recruitment and retention. They will actively refer potential candidates and new hires into the program.
Associate Members will solely use LINC as a recruitment resource through our Career Support Program.

Members commit to:

  • One year of active engagement with LINC.
  • 2-3 Strategic Informational Interviews per year–a professional interaction with LINC’s career support program that provides spouses/partners of a recent hires interaction with senior executives. These discussions will build professional networks and provide insight from decision-makers in their field, to accelerate the job search process.

As a Member you have the opportunity to network with other companies and organizations across the Lehigh Valley. Within a collaborative consortium these networking opportunities will expand the services you are able to offer your new hire employees.

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