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From the Executive Director

Happy Holidays from LINC!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! Colder weather, a little snow, family and friend gatherings and music! This is our last newsletter for this year. This special edition is written because there are so many amazing things to take in during the next month and a half! As we head into the holidays of 2018 and anticipate the New Year (it is hard to even say the words!), there are many things to keep in mind and consider. Be sure to read through the newsletter and the many activities listed. You can also check out the over 430 event happenings at Discover Lehigh Valley! Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Mawlid el-Nabi, or Rohatsu, I believe the end of one year and beginning of the next is a great time for reflection.

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Good to Know

Soon, there will be a crisp chill to the air as the hills in the Valley turn bright shades of russet, amber and scarlet. Fall is a beloved time in the Valley as locals transition from shorts and t-shirts, air conditioning and rain (did I mention rain?) to layers of cozy clothing, outdoor fires and the first flakes. Valley residents look forward to fall not only because of the beauty and slower pace of life but also because of the many festivals and celebrations that are held at this time of year. Here is a sample of some of the larger fall festivals and activities, as well as some that are not as well known but equally fun...

If you're new to the Lehigh Valley, you may not be aware of one quirk that newcomers often find particularly confusing: trick or treating doesn't happen on Halloween — different townships and cities schedule specific trick or treat times. If you don't keep this in mind, you may find yourselves setting out to trick or treat on Halloween night, only to find you're the only ones on the street! You'll want to make sure to stay up-to-date on trick or treat times, and while times haven't been decided yet, as October 31st approaches you can get this news from the following sources.

Ambassador Corner

As the temporary stages from Musikfest are taken down and the temperature drops, one might wonder if the energy in the Lehigh Valley wanes at the end of the summer. But, luckily for residents and visitors alike, the area famous for its summer and holiday attractions has many splendors to behold all throughout the fall season as well. And while it’s true that many outdoor attractions are winding down and closing up shop, the season for leaf peeping has only just begun.

I have always enjoyed being a “people connector” from my early working days in Human Resources at a bank to serving as an officer and engaging member of a Welcome Wagon Club in Butler, PA, to my involvement with the Newcomers’ Club of the Greater Lehigh Valley over the last ten years.  I have embraced learning about the entire Lehigh Valley and exploring all it has to offer.  Many people have dubbed me as an “ambassador” as I am always promoting a business, place or event.  I thrive on meeting new people and getting to know them and helping them connect to others.

Partner Career Tips

Birds of a Feather: Making the Most of LINC’s Career Transition Support System

An article in this month’s National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) magazine started with the following paragraph: “According to the naturalist Milton Olsen, birds fly in V-formation on their migrations because each bird flapping its wings creates an uplift for the bird behind it, and by flying in V-shape the whole flock gets over 70% better mileage than if each bird flew solo.” Written by Gregg Levoy, the article talks about the power of group support during career transition and I believe it couldn’t speak more specifically to LINC’s mission.

Sue’s Search Support Snippet #1: Managing Change

I've been working with many of you, the accompanying partner, for the past few months helping to get a leg-up on all aspects of preparing for your job search in the Lehigh Valley. That support has mainly focused on resume and cover letter review, LinkedIn support, preparing for an interview and, of course, networking, networking, networking. This prep work has included LINC sharing many tools and support that will help you be successful in landing a position in your field as quickly as possible. So, I had an IDEA! Beginning with our August newsletter, let's start sharing all the important things we have been learning and exchanging throughout this process that may continue to help all of you and all future clients who will be experiencing the same challenges. Let’s change those challenges into opportunities.

Celebrating Diversity

We live and function in an evolving society both domestically and internationally. As a result, I believe the time is now for the emergence of creative, innovative, and intentional partnerships driven by leaders who want to make the workforce more inclusive. The idea that institutions and industry can function in isolation given the current educational climate is outdated and not viable economically, socially, culturally, or politically. With the goal of educating and preparing the next generation of leaders who possess the necessary skillsets, here are a few thoughts on the value of partnerships from both the higher education and industry perspectives, based on my personal experience.

Client Corner

It is the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are rapidly approaching and the Lehigh Valley is busy preparing spectacles and festivities for all to enjoy, especially those of us who are new to the area and will spend the season away from our nuclear families.

September marks 8 months since the Zimmermanns moved to the Lehigh Valley. For those of you who have been here for less time than that...please know that time will fly. For those of you who have been here longer than us, I'm sure you understand how that is so hard to believe! The newness of the move still makes us feel like we are on a vacation of sorts, with most of our experiences still feeling like new ones. But it does feel less like we are on a vacation (where we brought our furniture with us). Having been here eight months allows us to feel like we actually do belong here when we walk in the door to our new home. I can't tell you when that moment happened, but I can tell you it does happen.