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From the Executive Director

Spring Know to Grow

Wow! It is almost Spring!  Woohoo! I have been here for almost 19 years and I am still not a fan of old man winter!  For all you new folks, our winters are not always like this. But let’s keep our eyes on what lies ahead! Spring is a beautiful time in the Lehigh Valley! The blooming flowers and budding trees! It is an amazing display of natural art and beauty!

(Just one thing – if you have allergies grab your tissues. If you don’t have allergies and are new to the Valley, it might not be a cold – just saying.)


Along with all things new is another year for LINC to be in service. It is hard to believe we are going into our fourth year as an organization!  This means we get to do some assessing! And YOU get to give us the grade! We need to hear from YOU! 

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Happy New Year!

How exciting it is to be able to reflect on the previous year and begin anew!

2018 – A Reflection

  • We had many new people join our Lehigh Valley community in 2018. I am proud to say we have helped over 330 new people to the Valley over the course of our short existence, including 102 just this year.
  • We added new services to be able to help more levels of hires as they accept new jobs in the Valley.
  • We had a new infusion of Ambassador-client relationships. (If you do not have an ambassador and would like to know more, give us a call.)
  • We had new staff members join us. (By the way, I think we have a great LINC team.)
  • We sadly said good-bye to one team member.

Although it is good to review the previous year and its many successes and changes, January is like a big reset button for me and the LINC team to set a new vision and goals for 2019.

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Good to Know

With snow still on the ground in some areas, it’s hard to believe that spring is less than a week away. If you are new to the area, you might be wondering what spring looks and sounds like in the Lehigh Valley.

It will be warmer. During the month of March, daily high temperatures increase by 11°F, from 45°F to 56°F, and rarely fall below 33°F at night. During the month of April, the daily high temperature increases by 12°F, from 56°F to 68°F.

The air will smell fresher. Have you noticed the smell of spring in the air? It’s that distinctive scent of equal parts gentle rain, fresh soil, and freshly mowed grass. Depending on where you live, the scents of the local farm fields will permeate the air as well.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought the new year brings an exciting energy with it – the energy from having a blank slate, the energy from imagining what’s to come, the energy from knowing this is another year you can make the most of. A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions inspired by this energy, and whether your resolutions involve getting active or trying new things, if you’re in need of ideas for where to start, here are some local resources that can help you do just that.

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Ambassador Corner

I can’t believe 13 years have passed since moving to I can’t believe 13 years have passed since moving to the Lehigh Valley. It feels like only yesterday that I made the “very long” journey from New York. Yes, that was sarcasm! One of the best parts of the Lehigh Valley is its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. It’s only when your friends and family visit that they are finally convinced that this is not a different country, it’s a fantastic place to live, and a great place to vacation. Festivals, art, theater, sports, relaxation, shopping, restaurants…WE HAVE IT ALL!!

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As the temporary stages from Musikfest are taken down and the temperature drops, one might wonder if the energy in the Lehigh Valley wanes at the end of the summer. But, luckily for residents and visitors alike, the area famous for its summer and holiday attractions has many splendors to behold all throughout the fall season as well. And while it’s true that many outdoor attractions are winding down and closing up shop, the season for leaf peeping has only just begun.

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Partner Career Tips

Spring into Action: Time for a Little Professional Spring Cleaning!

As I sit at my desk looking at the snow, I am dreaming about spring, which leads me to think about spring cleaning. What does spring cleaning look like in terms of your professional life? For me, it involves the questions, “Have I tended to the professional relationships that I needed to tend to? Are there new professional relationships that need to be “planted”? Are there professional relationships that need to be “pruned”?

One of the tools that I wrote about in our last newsletter was LinkedIn. It is a tremendous tool that has lots of free functionality! Here are some ideas to start your own professional spring cleaning on LinkedIn.

  • Review your Profile. Is your profile ‘complete’ according to LinkedIn? The algorithm that LinkedIn uses is based on having a ‘complete’ profile, by their definition. You will show up higher in employer searches if your profile is ‘complete.’

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New Year’s Resolution: Never Stop Networking!

Happy New Year! As you think about New Year’s resolutions, be sure to include your career goals. You may be in your ideal job or be looking for a new position. Whatever your situation, challenge yourself to never stop building your professional network. You might say to yourself, “I don’t have time to add another thing to my plate.” Well, there is good news...It does not have to take lots of time! You can spend as little as 10 minutes a week to strengthen your existing network and gain at least one new contact.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

There are all types of people moving into the Lehigh Valley! The LINC staff has had the amazing privilege of working with individuals and families from around the world. We want to share with you a representative of the beautiful people we get to help!

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PBS39 is the Greater Lehigh Valley’s public media station, serving more than ten counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our vision is to create a community that is inspired, engaged and vibrant. We focus on and celebrate the diversity of the region and work within our community to spread the message of inclusion. PBS39 is also involved in a number of collective impact initiatives, whereby several organizations join forces to affect large scale social change.

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Client Corner

Moving from Mississippi, I wanted to find a place to live with good energy that allowed me to walk to restaurants, bars, and shops. I found that exact combination in Easton, PA.


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We moved to the scenic Lehigh Valley area almost a year ago. At first, we were slightly nervous moving to a suburban part of a new state, having previously resided in only major metropolitan areas including London, Boston, New York, and DC. Fortunately, we quickly and smoothly transitioned into our chosen residential hub, historic downtown Bethlehem, without a problem.

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