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News from the SouthSide Arts District

By: Missy Hartney, SouthSide Arts District Director


What is the SouthSide Arts District?

The SouthSide Arts District is a downtown revitalization program, dedicated to helping the business district of South Bethlehem become a vibrant place to work, live and visit. We are working very hard to improve economic conditions for businesses and institutions located in the core business district of South Bethlehem, and we simply could not do it without you. Our goal over the next five years is to become a nationally recognized community, where businesses thrive, new businesses want to be, and where diversity and heritage are respected and celebrated. Thank you for your interest! Come take a walk on the SouthSide!

Upcoming SouthSide Events:

First Friday
Join us May 4th as we welcome the Banko Beverage Beer Garden and Outdoor Music Stage to First Friday! Bring your Musikfest Mug and enjoy the sounds of summer!
Sip & Slide Cocktail Crawl
Celebrate summer’s arrival on the SouthSide with a delicious Summer themed Cocktail Crawl “Sip & Slide”. Over 20 SouthSide restaurants and shops will be offer Summer themed sample cocktails from 1-4pm on Saturday, June 9th! Passports on sale soon!
 For more information visit us at

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