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LINC WhatsApp Group

By: Patricia Sittikul, IT & Administrative Support

You may have heard about our LINC WhatsApp group – it’s something we’ve been excited to share with you ever since we created it. One of our clients suggested a resource like this so members of the LINC community (which includes Lehigh Valley newcomers, LINC staff and Ambassadors, and longtime Lehigh Valley residents) could share information like fun events in the area, must-see local attractions, and general tips and advice.

There are other great benefits to WhatsApp as well – for starters, the app works internationally, so even if you or your family aren’t in the U.S. yet, you can still connect with us! (Note: if your cellphone provider is in the U.S. and you don’t have an international data plan, you may incur roaming charges when abroad, unless you use the app over Wi-Fi. You can see more information about international use here: Otherwise, when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or you stay within the limits of your data plan, WhatsApp messages and even calls are free – with the added bonus of no advertisements.

Another reason WhatsApp is so popular is that it’s encrypted, so WhatsApp and third parties don’t see your messages, meaning your information won’t be sold to companies who might otherwise use that information for purposes such as showing you targeted advertisements. WhatsApp is also great for sharing multimedia across all phone platforms (like iOS, Android, and even older phones). You can easily and quickly share media such as photos, videos, and links, without a loss of quality or long download time the way you might with texts or Snapchats. You can also mute the group or change the app’s settings if you’d prefer to avoid notifications while at work or just check for updates on your own time.

If you’d like to join the LINC WhatsApp group, you can do so at any time. The invitation link is on the welcome page of our Community Transition portal, where you can also find an instruction guide to installing the app and joining the group. Not sure that you’ll like it? No problem! You can leave the group at any time and rejoin if you change your mind later. The LINC WhatsApp group is always here to help you get connected to the Lehigh Valley, and we hope you’ll enjoy it!


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