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Letter from the LINC Executive Director

By: Donna Cornelius, LINC Executive Director

Wow – it is hard to believe the first quarter of 2018 is almost over! 

There are lots of new things happening at LINC this year beginning with two new staff members. Please help me welcome Terry Camilli, LINC’s new Client Services Manager.  She will be working with new clients moving into the area and overseeing the Ambassador Program.  Tracie Spence is the new Business Support Administrator – helping the LINC staff to stay on track. 

The other news is the rollout of the Ambassador Program. We began last year but are fully ready to engage this year.  What is the Ambassador program you ask?  It is another way for you who are new to connect with people in the area.  These volunteers are ready and willing to help you meet new people, build your own community here in the Lehigh Valley and just be a support!  If you are interested in having an Ambassador please let us know and we would be glad to connect you!

Finally, now that we have a full staff again please look for more LINC events with our Ambassadors, monthly Mom’s playgroups and other ways to connect with new people in the area. With well over 200 clients in the last two years there are lots of people just like you making the Lehigh Valley home and LINC is here to help you connect!

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