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Letter From LINC’s New Client Services Manager

By: Terry Camilli, LINC Client Services Manager

Hi everyone.  I am thrilled to be the new Client Services Manager for LINC!  I’ve already experienced such a warm, friendly welcome from colleagues, clients, and customers.  Thank you so much!  I can’t wait to help new hires and their families transition successfully into the Lehigh Valley.

Unlike folks at LINC, I’ve been in the Valley for quite some time.  I first moved here 30 years ago from the suburbs of Philadelphia.  My only knowledge of the Lehigh Valley was from Billy Joel’s hit song, “Allentown”, which painted a picture of a declining blue collar (mainly steel) town.  The region was more rural then with plenty of corn fields, a few decent restaurants, and a population of 675,000.   Many would refer to the Lehigh Valley as the cultural donut:  everything around it, but nothing in the middle!  Yet, I still moved here for my job with Air Products, because I knew I was only an hour from Philly.  Eventually, I would call Lehigh Valley my home.  

Wow, has it changed!  In that time, I’ve watched the population grow 33%!  Those corn fields evolved into housing developments, sports fields, shopping centers, schools, roads, and more.  Simultaneously healthcare, distribution centers, life sciences and technology, and start-up companies have sprouted.  The Valley became home to two minor league sports teams, several microbreweries, and over 15 wineries. The area has also established its own identity in the arts through new venues at Steel Stacks and the largest, non-gated music festival, Musikfest.  Along with these changes came revitalization of the cities’ downtowns which has enhanced the urban experience.
No longer the cultural donut, the region is a wonderful place to live…. not just for families, but single people too!  Despite that, if you want a weekend get-a-way to a mountain lake or to capture a “big city feeling”, the Pocono mountains, Philadelphia and NYC are only an hour to an hour and a half away.  The Valley is really the best of both worlds!  

As the region continues to grow (22% by 2040), I expect to be busy transforming peoples lives as they move here.  I’m excited about the opportunity to apply my diverse, multi-cultural work experiences with my knowledge of the place I now call home.


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