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Hi, My Name Is…

By: Donna Cornelius, Executive Director


 “Man is by nature a social mind…Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god.” ~Aristotle, Politics

It is a simple thing. You stretch out your hand to greet another and introduce yourself.

At the very base of every human being is a need to connect:

  •  With peers at work
  •  With students at school
  •  With your neighbors

As the new kid on the block, in a new community, new job, new school, new culture, new everything…sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to meet new people. Don’t despair! LINC can help leverage your newness to connect and network with other new people as well as some very nice Lehigh Valley natives. 

LINC understands the impacts and importance of meeting other individuals and families! It is the wonderful world we (LINC staff) get to live in every day! 

Because of that – we want you to get to know ALL of the many wonderful NEW and seasoned individuals and families living in the Lehigh Valley.  

Although LINC has the ability to connect individuals to other individuals, we think it is fantastic to go beyond what we are able to do in a work week and connect ALL of you 24/7 (if you like) through this amazing private application called WhatsApp! 

We created a private LINC WhatsApp that allows you to make social connections with others just like you – NEW! It is a great way for us to say “Hey there is a great festival going on this weekend at _______________!” or a way for you to ask questions like: 

  •  “Has anyone found a great dentist/doctor, etc.” (Because LINC can’t do that.)
  •  “What is a good Chinese restaurant in the area?” 
  •  “Anyone interested in meeting up at Baconfest this weekend?” (Yes there is a Bacon Fest and it is coming up soon!”

Whether you want to meet other professionals like yourself, see who is from your country (LINC represents about 15 different countries and individuals all over the U.S.), or even who lives near you in the Valley or just say “Hello” be sure to sign up for the LINC WhatsApp

Anyone who has been a client of LINC's (past or present) and receiving our newsletter may join the LINC WHATSAPP.

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