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Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

By Mandy Brady, Marketing Intern

Everyone likes a fresh and clean house for the springtime! It especially makes people feel less stressed than if they had a messy place to come home to. The warmer weather also brings positive energy, but so does a clean and well-organized house. I will be sharing with you some of my personal tips when it comes to spring-cleaning.

 My first tip for spring-cleaning is to make sure to clean out your wardrobe. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, that means get rid of those clothes that you never wear! Not only will you be giving away clothes you don’t need, but you can give it to a good cause or someone in need. For example there are places like Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley that will give clothing items and other necessities to victims of domestic abuse that are living in shelters. Another good place to donate clothes for a cause would be the Salvation Army located in Allentown.

My second tip for spring-cleaning is to clean all surfaces of your house. Whether that be dusting with a duster or using a Clorox wipe, it is important to clean the surfaces in your house to prevent bacteria and germs from lingering. It also automatically makes your house look and feel more fresh and polished. You can find these cleaning supplies at a local Target store or Giant for a decent price.

As for the perfect finishing touch to your spring-cleaning I would suggest buying a fresh bouquet of inexpensive flowers. Flowers always add color and a sense of freshness to any room. It also just makes whatever room the flowers are in look more fancy and organized. For inexpensive yet nice looking flowers I highly recommend going to Wegman’s in either the Allentown or Bethlehem locations. I got a bouquet of roses there for Valentine’s Day and they lasted about a week or so, which is a decent amount of time for real flowers.    

Spring-cleaning is an important aspect when it comes to a presentable home. Remember that a clean house makes for a good you and it is a great way to start off your spring season right! 

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