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Purpose & Values


Lehigh Valley Inter-Regional Networking & Connecting Consortium’s (LINC) purpose is three-fold:

  • Enhance recruiting and retention for employers seeking diverse skilled talent in the Lehigh Valley by offering comprehensive services for newly recruited employees and their families, thus improving employee satisfaction, reducing employee turnover and thereby providing significant cost savings.
  • Educate the Lehigh Valley region on diversity and inclusion and best practices for recruitment and retention to build an inclusive culture where diverse talent can flourish; thereby supporting full employment in the region to help relieve and reduce unemployment.
  • Provide services and support for smaller organizations, companies and regional not-for profits that require assistance with recruitment and retention through a gifting program.

Mission Statement

LINC will support and enhance employers' efforts to attract, retain and cultivate a highly skilled and diverse workforce in Lehigh Valley by networking and connecting potential, recent and new hires and their families resulting in more acceptances and longer retention.

LINC leverages a collaborative regional effort that crosses industries, communities, and cultures to meet company and individual needs

Vision Statement

The Lehigh Valley will be the community of choice for a dynamic workforce, connecting employers and diverse talent.

LINC Values


We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch.


We foster a solutions-oriented approach by developing customized services that meet specific needs.


We are committed to exceeding customer expectations in all areas of service.


We believe in empowering amazing people to make informed decisions that impact lives and strengthen an employer’s recruiting and retention edge.


We believe in finding balance in both work and life.