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The LINC Team

On May 4, 2015, LINC opened its doors and began working with regional employers and many other organizations who understand that building bridges and networks for transitioning new hires brings growth and success for all those involved.LINC is a non-profit organization that focuses on support of employers and relocated employees and the community as it pertains to dual career, community transition and diversity and inclusion. 

The LINC team was strategically built to accomplish the mission and objectives of the community. From dual career to community transition to diversity and incusion, this team is not only professional and has the knowledge and expertise in their specific areas of practice; it is a team that has heart.  The hardest part of transition to a new area is isolation.  The LINC programs offer one-on-one support to overcome the obstacles and challenges and creates opportunities for engagement on both a professional and social aspect.

As the Executive Director, I am very proud to have such a phenomenal team!


Executive Director: Donna Cornelius

Donna Cornelius brings both professional and personal experience to her role as Executive Director. She owned her own consulting company focusing on Project and Content Management for nearly 14 years.  She has worked with large companies like Lexis Nexis, T-Mobile and H&R Block, mid-level companies as well as working with non-profit organizations. Whether consulting, managing, or coaching, she applies the same principles: Perspective, Goals, and a Strong Plan that results in success. Her self-proclaimed title of "People Broker" is what drove her to accept the Lehigh University's National Science Foundation Supplement Grant project manager's position one year ago. She was hired to build the LINC organization in collaboration with an amazing task force of regional employers and stakeholder executives. As a "trailing spouse" through nine moves, she understands the challenges and obstacles of transitioning to a new community, profession, and life. Her passion to turn obstacles into opportunities and her passion for people is why LINC isn't a job, but an opportunity.  Whether working with the regional employers on solutions for recruitment and retention or one-on-one with the clients there is one thread that remains the same:

            It starts with a vision. It ends in transformation: Cast It, Define It, Develop It, Build it. Live it!



Patricia Sittikul headshotIT Specialist, Administrative Support and all around Girl Friday: Patricia Sittikul

Patricia Sittikul is a student at Lehigh University studying Computer Science. She maintains the LINC portal and website, writes related programs, and assists with LINC processes. Her interests include web development, graphic design, and human computer interaction. She lives in Bethlehem and is delighted to be a part of the LINC team.





Sue McDermott LINC Headshot

Dual Career Coordinator: Sue McDermott

Although a native of the Lehigh Valley, I have experienced both sides of the relocation process 16 times, the traveling spouse with 2 children, as well as the relocated employee with family.

My professional background includes over 25 years in the staffing industry with experience and success in management, professional recruiting, relationship building, mentoring, client retention, solution sales and marketing.

As the Dual Career Coordinator for LINC, the combination of both multiple relocations, and expertise in staffing, gives me significant insight and understanding of the many challenges involved. It is with excitement and pleasure I look forward to helping others transition successfully to the business world in the Lehigh Valley.