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About Us

"Linc is a group of employers banding together to solve a common problem."
-Christopher Donigan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at B Braun Medical

Lehigh Valley Inter-Regional Networking & Connecting Consortium

The business world is changing in many ways including the proliferation of dual career couples (75%) and hiring practice modifications necessary to attract and retain top talent. Many businesses and organizations are now viewing hiring through a global lens. A global reach means accessing a diverse human capital from across the nation or from around the world. Companies face an additional challenge of not simply attracting and recruiting, but retaining highly skilled and highly educated talent in a very competitive environment.  

We live in a world of options. The talent pool  has national and global choices of where to work and live. But perhaps the biggest change is that now more than ever work life is impacted by family and non-business considerations. The result: Managing today’s workforce extends beyond corporate and organizational walls. Companies and non-profits are transforming their talent management to meet demands and implement new human workforce strategies.

LINC was developed as a result of a common problem in the Lehigh Valley felt by employers in businesses, health care, academic institutions and other organizations in the Lehigh Valley.  The concept was born out of a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Grant to address recruitment and retention issues of dual career and diversity by creating an organization that enhances the hiring process on a personal level.  "This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. HRD-1008375."

Research conducted with senior-level executives, national statistics and a survey of new hire employees who relocated to the Lehigh Valley drove the service structure of LINC. Our services help Lehigh Valley employers with each phase of their hiring process. 

LINC Goals and Objectives

  • To raise the visibility of the Lehigh Valley as an attractive career and life destination on a personal and professional level.  This is accomplished through a formalized employer and community network ensuring the success of new employee transitions towards long-term retention.
  • To be recognized as an exceptional human resource tool that supports regional employers in attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent from all over the world by providing pre-hire consult, new hire and family integration services, dual career support and cultural transition. Data shows that losing a hire after 2-3 years costs the employer 2-3 times the employee’s salary.
  • To increase the recruitment of women in STEM, create a more diverse workforce, and increase the number of highly skilled and highly educated employees by providing services that create opportunities to facilitate job acceptance in the Lehigh Valley.

LINC is Lehigh Valley employers' resource for recruiting and retaining the best and brightest talent! Engagement with LINC will be a win-win for both employer and employees. Our networking resource will allow for a more effective recruiting effort by removing external obstacles and stresses to candidates early in their decision making process, leading to a more thoughtful transition.

When it comes to talent choosing to be in the Lehigh Valley, LINC is an employer’s and new hire’s NEXT BEST MOVE!